Temporary Skill Shortage (TSS) visa

The TSS is replacing the 457 visa, but TSS is not due to start until March 2018. The TSS will still focus on skill shortages but TSS will not be a blanket pathway to residence in Australia. Only for some higher skilled occupations in the Medium-Term stream will there be the ability for a residency eligibility after 3 years.

There is no residency pathway under the new 2-year visa, and the 4-year visa holders will only be eligible after 3 years. In addition, over 200 occupations will be cut from the list that foreign workers can apply for under the new TSS scheme.

We recommend you review your experience, age and qualifications for the Skillselect process, as Skillselect is the best and surest pathway to Permanent Residency in Australia.

To start: calculate you total points available, before you prepare your EOI using the Skillselect Points calculator.

It is Important that you do not overestimate your work experience. Your work experience must be directly relevant to the occupation you are applying under. You need to be aware that not all of your employment experience will be included in your Skillselect points. Most occupations require a skills assessment by a nominated organisation, and they will determine the years of relevant experience.


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(1) Review your experience

1. Is there an occupation on the Skilled Occupation lists that I could be assessed on?

Review both Skilled Occupation List (SOL) OR Consolidated Sponsored Occupations List (CSOL)

2. With that occupation, will I have enough verifiable experience to gain points for skilled employment?

3. Do I have a qualification that is related to the occupation that is in demand, and that I am assessed for?


(2) Review the Skilled Occupations List

You must nominate an occupation from the Skilled Occupations List.

To claim points for skilled employment you must have at least 20 hours of paid work per week, in your nominated skilled occupation or a closely related occupation in the 10 years before invited to apply,

AND where:

  • the relevant assessing authority provides an opinion in your suitable skills assessment that your employment is skilled OR
  • your employment experience meets the standards for skilled employment set by the assessing authority on their website.


a closely related occupation must be undertaken at the equivalent skill level of your nominated occupation.

(3) Check ANZSCO job descriptions.

1) Check each of the ANZSCO descriptions and match them to your QUALIFICATION,  and also
2) Match the job description for purposes of EXPERIENCE
3) Review the Relevant Assessing Authorities requirements of evidence.

Only after you consider the above occupation and experience is matching, then get your assessment.

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