SkillSelect EOI guide

EOI is your Expression of Interest 

  • your EOI contains information that generates a points score, which determines if you are the top of the round of invitations for that occupation.

An EOI is not a visa application, it is only stating that you would like to be considered for a skilled visa. 

You will be asked to provide a whole list of personal information in your EOI, and this can vary depending on the visa you want. 

Over-reporting your points can be grounds for disqualification!

Personal information in your EOI  – Examples:

  • your personal biodata

  • the nominated occupation – this is the most critical choice in your whole EOI.

  • work experience – many applicants OVER-Estimate their work experience. If you claim 70 points for example, but you over-estimate your work experience – then you may only have 65 or 60. This is why you need to use a Skillselect points calculator to help you get the most points, and the most accurate points, for your SkillSelect EOI.

    Everything you put in at the EOI stage is checked at the Visa application stage, after you have been invited.

  • Your Study and Qualifications – having a degree, does not mean it is recognised as equivalent to an Australian degree. And you have to make sure it is directly relevant to your nominated occupation, if that is part of the skills assessment criteria.

  • level of English skills

  • details of a skills assessment, related to your nominated occupation that must be on the Skilled Occupations lists.

  • business and investment experience – be careful to understand the definitions used, and the proof required.

Get your Skillselect points calculated by a Registered Migration Agent BEFORE you submit your SkillSelect EOI.


What you can do:

Step 1

Find out how many points you MIGHT have with us.

Step 2

Check with us on what you need to do to GET MORE points.

Step 3

Get your Qualifications, Work experience and English skills validated and documented.

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