Skills recognition

The Challenge

There are many pathways to getting a skill recognised for SkillSelect in Australia.

If you want to move to Australia to live and work, then you need to get a skill assessment, or

If you are studying in Australia, then you can get recognition for prior learning and work experience while in Australia

The Solution

Want more help? Contact us to find out more:

We will send your enquiry to a panel of registered Migration agents, one of whom will follow up with you directly.

They can review your skillset, age, English levels and qualifications before you submit your Skillselect EOI.

Remember – once you are invited to apply, everything you have submitted forms part of your application. Make sure you get it right!


Candidates Needing Review


Candidates with Points Adjusted

Days to Apply for your Visa

Chance for Approval first-time

What you can do:

Step 1

Find out how many points you MIGHT have with us.

Step 2

Check with us on what you need to do to GET MORE points.

Step 3

Get your Qualifications, Work experience and English skills validated and documented.

SkillSelect - Request for Registered Adviser

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